Forego high-energy hairstyling

January 6, 2015

If possible, avoid using that hair dryer

Looking good is an important priority, and the morning routine of many people involves a hair dryer.

Alas, hair dryers use a lot of energy: many use over 1500 watts, which is enough electricity to light over 100 CFL or LED light bulbs (IE enough to power every light in three average houses, all at once). In fact, the European Union is considering new regulations to outlaw high-wattage hair dryers as part of a larger effort to save energy and fight climate change.

So what to do if you’d like to save energy but would still like your hair to look nice?

  • Good: reduce the amount of time you use a hair dryer
  • Good: choose a lower wattage hair dryer the next time you need to replace yours
  • Better: use a low heat setting if your dryer has one
  • Better still: use a no-heat setting (that blows room-temperature air) if your dryer has one
  • Best of all: see if you can live without a hair dryer

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