The dark side of palm oil

March 3, 2015

Choose products with RSPO-certified palm oil

Palm oil is contained in everything from margarine to chocolate to lipstick to biofuels. It’s now the world’s most popular vegetable oil.

But palm oil hasRSPO Logo 2 a dark side: deforestation. Particularly in tropical countries like Indonesia and Malaysia, massive areas of forest have been (and continue to be) cleared to make way for ever more palm oil plantations.

So what can an eco-conscious consumer do?

  • First, read the label and if possible choose products made without palm oil (a challenge, but Reduce is always the best option)
  • Otherwise, look for products carrying the RSPO certified logo. It’s not a perfect certification, but it’s the best at present

Check out this site to see how some of the planet’s most popular consumer brands rate when it comes to the palm oil; check out this video to learn more about palm oil issues and impacts.


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