Perfect time for a cleanup!

April 14, 2015

Why not organize a neighbourhood (or beach) cleanup?

It’s April, the glorious time when new life emerges from under the melting snow.

It’s also the perfect time to clean up the winter’s litter – easy to spot against the melting snow, and not yet obscured by new growth of roadside plants.

So why not organize a roadside cleanup in your community? (Or a shore cleanup if you happen to be lucky enough to live near water?) It’s fairly straightforward: organize a team, set a date, get some basic supplies (gloves, bags, safety vests), determine how collected trash will be disposed of, and then DO IT!

Bonus: if you can, find local sponsors to help cover the cost of supplies, and get a bit of media coverage to recognize your team’s good efforts! And be sure to think safety every step of the way.

For inspiration, visit or watch how Estonia was transformed in an incredible five-hour blitz!

For more inspiration: a few years ago, I came upon this man cleaning up a rural NB roadside – on his own accord, and undeterred by his cane. He kindly allowed me to take his picture.



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