Making deodorant is not as tough as you might think

Five ingredients, 15 minutes: so says David Suzuki’s Queen of Green, Lindsay Coulter, in sharing her favourite homemade deodorant recipe.

The ingredients: shea or cocoa butter; coconut oil; baking soda; corn starch; grated beeswax. Optional: a few drops of an essential oil like lemon, tea tree or lavender.

The method: available here.

The result: freshness without any questionable ingredients! (There are several great testimonials beneath the recipe.)

This week’s Green Idea is inspired by this recent article from my hometown newspaper:

Birthday Boy

A six-year-old boy decided that, instead of presents, he’d like to receive donations to help endangered species. So, through Earth Rangers’ Bring Back the Wild Birthday program, he chose to highlight his favourite animal, the wolf – and collected $85 to support Earth Rangers’ environmental programs. Beautiful!

If you’re planning a birthday party, why not make it a green one? You could do what Henri did, and here are some additional great suggestions from David Suzuki’s Queen of Green for having more fun and generating less trash.