Go easy on the AC

July 7, 2015

Save on fuel by using air conditioning only when it’s really needed

It’s summer, and for many of us that means the air conditioner in our vehicles is always on. But consider this: air conditioning is second only to driving as the biggest load on an engine – it can increase your fuel consumption by up to 20%. Put another way, turning on the air conditioner is a lot like constantly hauling a trailer around.

So what to do?

  • Use fresh air when possible; sunroofs are awesome because they are quieter than windows
  • Get into the habit of turning off your AC when you park at the end of the day so it’s not automatically on in the morning when you least need it
  • Reserve AC only for really hot days, and use it intermittently; aim for comfortable, not cold
  • Park in the shade when you can

Learn more strategies for saving on air conditioning from Natural Resources Canada, here.


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