Inspiration for less wasteful living from an amazing young person

August 4, 2015

Lauren Singer shows how a zero-waste lifestyle IS possible

According to Statistics Canada, the average Canadian produces 720 KG of garbage annually. That’s about twice what the average Japanese produces.

Yuck – all that trash means huge emissions from garbage trucks, premature filling of landfills, high disposal costs and more.

New Yorker Lauren Singer has proven that living a zero-waste lifestyle is possible; all the trash she’s produced in the past three years fits into a single mason jar. How does she do it? By recycling, composting and making wise purchasing choices.

Most of us probably can’t match her incredible commitment – but every one of us can benefit and learn from her simple, powerful trash-reduction strategies. Read more here, or better still, watch Lauren’s 13 minute TED talk here.


One Response to “Inspiration for less wasteful living from an amazing young person”

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