Good advice from our great-grandparents

August 18, 2015

Use it up

That’s a slogan from the Great Depression, when necessity forced people to live on less.

Maybe it’s worth revisiting in today’s consumption-focussed world. Consider:

  • Consumption is expensive: new clothes, new car, new phone, new TV; they all add up
  • Consumption is at the root of many of the environmental pressures we face, from climate change to water shortages to resource depletion
  • Consumption doesn’t make us happier: the world is full of people who have not found happiness in their fancy home, cars and clothes

I’m constantly meeting people who crave a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle: better for the wallet, the planet and the mental well being. So maybe it’s worth revisiting that old slogan from 80 years ago. Read a dozen tips here.


One Response to “Good advice from our great-grandparents”

  1. Reblogged this on forourgrandkids and commented:
    Learn from the wisdom of those before us who got many things correct due to necessity.

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