The single, simple best thing you can do for birds

September 1, 2015

Keep the cat inside

If you ask the average person what the biggest threat to birds is, you’ll likely get an answer like wind turbines or hunting. Good answers, but the biggest single threat to birds is much closer to home. According to a 2013 study conducted by Environment Canada, the leading causes of bird mortality in Canada are:

  • Wind turbines: 16,700
  • Communication towers: 22,000
  • Commercial forestry: 900,000
  • Agriculture: 3.7 million
  • Hunting: 5 million
  • Vehicle collisions: 14 million
  • Collisions with homes or buildings: 25 million
  • Power line collisions and electrocutions: 25 million
  • Domestic and feral cats: 200 million, or more than all other categories combined

So what’s the best thing you can do?

  • Try to keep your cat inside, especially around dusk and dawn
  • Consider putting a bell on your cat’s collar to give birds a warning
  • Keep bird feeders well out of range of cats

Learn more here!


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