There’s richness in those leaves!

September 15, 2015

Keep those fall leaves for your gardening

Just this week, I’ve started seeing traces of fall colours in the trees in our yard; can raking be far behind? But wait – instead of bagging those leaves and placing them at the curb, why not save them for next year’s gardening (and avoid the emissions of trucking them away)? Here are three options:

  • To make true compost, mix leaves with a ‘green’ material like grass clippings. For faster composting, shred the leaves beforehand.
  • But if you prefer a ‘minimal effort’ option, you can just collect all your leaves into a pile and leave them – at least for the winter, and perhaps longer. Eventually, they’ll turn into a material called leaf mold, which can be used as mulch around shrubs.
  • Finally, if you’d prefer the ‘least-effort option’, you can just get rid of your leaves by spreading them onto a nearby forest floor. The nutrients they release over time will enrich the soil there.

Enjoy fall – and remember, those leaves are too valuable to place at the curb! Read more about composting and leaf mold here.


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