Time for squirreling away food

September 29, 2015

So many ways to preserve and store fall fruits & vegetables

Whether you’re a gardener or not, this is a wonderful time of year for foodies, or for anyone who eats, really! So many fresh veggies, so much fresh fruit. If you’re like me, perhaps you’re now reaping the results of overzealous planting; our little garden plot has yielded more tomatoes and beans than ever.

Whether you have a surplus from your garden or you just like taking advantage of the low prices of produce at this time of year, here are a few options for squirreling away some of that delicious food to enjoy over the winter:

  • Freezing: many fruits and vegetables can be frozen without any loss of nutrition, and freezing is not complicated; this page has some advice and two simple guides.
  • Pickling/canning: you can pickle a lot more than just cucumbers, and pickled food doesn’t even need to be refrigerated. This page provides simple instructions.
  • Prepared food: you can even use up surplus produce by making and then freezing things like chilli or pasta sauce. I’m afraid my chilli recipe is a family secret, but here’s a nice pasta sauce recipe my son and I made over the weekend with some surplus tomatoes.

Enjoy the bounties of fall, the contentment of a full pantry and great taste all winter!


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