A simple way to reduce heat loss through windows

October 13, 2015

Dress up those ‘holes in your walls’ with drapes or blinds

Windows are essential features of homes, but when it comes to heat loss, they’re almost like holes in your walls. Consider this: a well insulated wall has a rating of R-40 (where R means resistance to heat loss), but even quality double-paned windows have ratings of only R-3 to R-4.

That’s why drapes and blinds can be a good investment: pulled closed at night, they act as blankets over windows, reducing heat loss. In particular, well installed drapes made of tightly woven fabric can reduce a room’s heat loss by 10% or more. Blinds aren’t as effective as drapes, but they still make a positive difference.

So why not look into drapes or blinds for your home, or if you have them already, use them to reduce your heating costs. Learn more here.


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