Uncluttering gifts

December 8, 2015

‘When it comes to presents, give uncluttering gifts a try’

It’s well known that decluttering our lives helps us have more energy, less stress and more happiness – and it’s also well known that prevention is better than cure. So why not opt for uncluttering gifts this year? Here are some ideas:

Massages, manicures, pedicures, movies, bowling, whale watching, art gallery memberships, cooking or craft classes, gift cards, a favourite recipe with all the ingredients included, a nice bottle of (local) wine, a donation to a cause or charity near and dear to the recipient’s heart (money, or some time volunteered by you on behalf of the recipient), free babysitting… you get the picture! Take a minute and you’ll surely come up with more ideas yourself.

Happy uncluttering Holidays!

Theme and suggestions courtesy of a column by Anne Marie Hartford with the above title in yesterday’s Fredericton newspaper.