A simple way to cut down on food waste

April 12, 2016

Put an “Eat Me First” bin in your fridge

You’ve paid for that food – so of course it will get eaten, right?

Alas, maybe not. According to the UN, one third of food produced for human consumption is wasted. Fruits and veggies have the highest wastage rates of any food.

Much of that waste happens at home – including in our fridges, where things can quietly languish until they go bad.

But here’s a simple solution: create an “Eat Me First” bin or basket for your fridge (and it’s exactly what it sounds like!). Then just get into the habit of putting whatever needs to be eaten soonest into it, and checking there first when searching for a snack or preparing a meal.

You’ll cut down on food waste and save money: two good things! More info here.

Thanks to Lindsay Coulter, David Suzuki’s Queen of Green, for this Green Idea!


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