Vote wisely with your wallet

September 27, 2016

It’s easy to be a Better World Shopper

Most of us spend thousands of dollars a year on goods and services – and every dollar we spend is an implicit endorsement of the business we’re patronizing.  But even as some businesses are working hard to improve the world, others are doing more harm than good.  How is a conscientious shopper to know the difference?

The Better World Shopper can help.  It’s a well-researched guide that ranks companies from A to F based on their performance in five key areas: environment, human rights, animal protection, community involvement and social justice.  The guide has dozens of categories, from clothing brands to coffee to energy drinks to soap.  It even has a list of the Top 10 Categories where you can make the most difference.

Check out the Better World Shopping Guide – and vote wisely the next time you shop!


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