Together we are stronger

January 31, 2017

Virtually all of what I have learned about climate change over the past decade has led me to one key conclusion: if we humans are to meet the enormous challenge of climate change, we will need to overcome our differences and work together like never before.  That, plus this week’s news, makes this paragraph from The Better World Handbook, particularly timely:

“Misinformation, half-truths and stereotypes make us susceptible to religious intolerance.  Given the ongoing conflicts in the world, it seems especially essential that Christians and Muslims make a strong effort to learn about and from one another.  Both faiths share an emphasis on peace and tolerance that is not reflected in the wars and violence perpetrated by a few.  When we take the time to learn about other faiths in depth, we often find we have much in common, a basis for building understanding and cooperation towards our common goals.”

So, in the interests of working together for a better future, maybe learning about different faiths would be time well spent; here’s a pretty good place to begin.


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