Practice an attitude of gratitude

When I first heard of the immense power of practising gratitude, I was sceptical.  Just having a warm fuzzy feeling about the good things I have is going to make my life better??

The more I’ve read about it, the more I’ve learned it’s true: practicing gratitude helps us:

  • Be more aware of the blessings we have. I’ve never forgotten this powerful message I once heard from a motivational speaker: “if ever you feel unsatisfied with your life, remember that there are millions of people in the world right now who would trade places with you in an instant.”
  • Be less worried about what we don’t have, so we feel liberated to step off of the treadmill of ‘more stuff’ that is draining our finances, parasitizing our spirituality and ruining our beautiful planet
  • Be healthier and more relaxed
  • Have greater self esteem
  • Care more for others, and have better relationships with loved ones, colleagues and friends

And that’s just the start; there’s much more here.


So this holiday season, why not take a few minutes to relax, ponder your blessings and be grateful?  It will make your day better – and your whole life too if you turn it into a daily habit.

Happy holidays!  (And I’m grateful that you’re a Green Ideas subscriber!)

More ideas for going ‘stuff-free’ this holiday season

Wow – ‘buying less stuff, doing more good’ sure hit a chord two weeks ago!  Here are more ideas for going stuff-free this holiday season:

  • Use your special talent or skill, be it baking, knitting, canning, brewing, winemaking, woodworking, soapmaking or something else, to give a little part of yourself
  • Consider special experiences like ziplining, an escape room, haunted hikes, whale watching, wine tasting, a spa or a weekend getaway – all far more memorable than stuff!
  • Get tickets for special events like plays, sports, concerts or exhibits
  • Give a subscription for a magazine or, perhaps more in tune with the times, for Spotify, Netflix or another streaming service
  • Buy passes for a pool, gym, museum or art gallery
  • Enroll someone in a pottery, weaving, drama, music or other class; if you’re an expert, give the lessons yourself!
  • Offer homemade coupons for household chores, snow removal, handyman tasks or delivered meals, especially for the seniors on your list. Or instead of spending money that took time to earn, why not shortcut the process and just spend time with them?
  • If you still feel the need to buy some token ‘stuff’, shop a secondhand shop for light impact and great value


Less stuff.  Less stress.  More time.  More money.  Better for the planet.  A good plan for this – and every – Christmas.