Carl Duivenvoorden – Speaker – writer – efficiency wonk – potato guy – concerned Dad

Count on Carl for fun, energetic and interactive presentations – from lunch-and-learns to keynotes to all-day seminars.

The Speaker
Carl has spoken to over 250 audiences of all sizes, on topics ranging from efficiency to ecology to parliamentary procedure. He brings eloquence, passion, fun and interaction to every speech he delivers. A member of Toastmasters International for nearly two decades, he has twice achieved Distinguished Toastmaster, the highest educational designation possible. He’s a past Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest champion for the Maritimes, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire.

The Writer
Carl’s portfolio includes technical bulletins, marketing materials, speaking notes, magazine articles and commentaries.  He writes a biweekly column in the New Brunswick Telegraph Journal and two weeklies on saving money, energy and the environment.  As well, he’s a regular contributor to The Toastmaster magazine (worldwide circulation 250,000).

The Efficiency Wonk
Wonk?? Well, maybe not quite! But Carl has long had an interest in all things efficient.  He helped Efficiency New Brunswick develop some of Canada’s most progressive energy-saving programs for homeowners. He’s always looking at new procedures, gizmos and gadgets that can help us better use our energy resources – at home, at work and on the road.

The Potato Guy
Not everyone has the chance to travel the world marketing the perfect potato. But Carl spent 5 incredible years promoting Canadian seed potatoes internationally. He’s been to over 25 countries on 6 continents, from Argentina to Zimbabwe. He’s pretty well versed on the topic of potatoes – but the biggest benefit of all that travel has been to give Carl a ‘world view’ of what’s really important, and a deep appreciation of the riches of Canada and New Brunswick.

The Concerned Dad
Carl’s longstanding concern about the health of our planet took on a new urgency when his first son Paul was born in June of 1999. When Eric was born in April of 2001, Carl delivered a nationwide Commentary about Global Warming on CBC Radio. (Click here to read the 3-minute Commentary.) Since then, he has worked steadily to reduce his family’s ecological footprint. Like Al Gore, Carl believes that solutions to our climate crisis are all around us. Every individual can make a difference – but each of us needs to make a commitment and take action.

Contact Carl
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