Paper is part of everyday life at home and work, but it has a dollar and environmental cost. Here are a few ideas to save on both:

1. Use your photocopier’s double sided option. If it doesn’t have one, learn how to feed paper in so that you can manually copy one side, flip the paper and copy on the other. Big paper saving potential.

2. Use your printer’s double sided option. If you don’t know how it works, check with your IT support person or click Print – Properties and look for the options. Or learn how to feed paper so you can print one side, flip the paper and then print the other.

3. Minimize the font on your e-mail autosignature so that e-mails you send that need to be printed out don’t spill over onto another page.

4. Instead of discarding paper that’s been used on one side (including incoming paper), put it in a bin, file or slot near your printer or copier, so the other side can be used too.

5. Print only what really needs to be printed; e-file when possible.

6. Choose post-consumer (important words) recycled paper to save a tree.